About us

Car Cares was started as a door to door car detailing service back in 2010 by Jerry David.
The first store was opened in OMR in 2011 where we offered car detailing and car washing.
Car Cares had various B2B, Partnership based models and then finally moved all its operations to Butt Road, Guindy. The Butt road, Guindy outlet was started in 2018 and since then has been the only location of service offering.

Back when ‘teflon coating’ and ‘rubbing polish’ were the only terms known to Chennaites, Car Cares strived hard to help customers understand the processes & purposes of car detailing.

Over the years, Car Cares is proud that their customer's cars still look brand new after many years. Some of our customers who have held onto their rides for almost a decade can testify to the same. Once a Car Cares customer, always a Car Cares customer.

Car maintenance in Chennai isn’t easy considering our weather, parking conditions and lack of well trained daily car cleaners. Car Cares has various services which can be done on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis to ensure your car is looking its best.


Jatin Jacob took on as the Working Partner of Car Cares in 2019 and is diversifying the service offering.
Jatin is a hands-on car geek and an Automobile Engineer. He believes in precision, quality and value for the service being offered.